Readiness for Coaching

Coaching is amazing... when you are ready for it.

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ADHD in Kids

It is estimated that 5-11% of children have ADHD

Knowing the challenges above await the ADHD child in adulthood can be disheartening; before they even get there, kids with ADHD often encounter:

  • Frequent scolding from teachers, caregivers and coaches for their behaviour

  • Trouble making friends and relating to peers

  • Difficulty meeting deadlines and organizing school work

  • Seemingly inconsistent ability to focus: either totally absorbed or totally uninterested

  • Challenges with controlling behaviour, impulses and emotions

  • Emotional sensitivity, especially around rejection and getting in trouble


ADHD has its gifts, too


Passion, creativity and excitement

ADHD provides a brain chemistry that is drawn to excitement and inspiration. Life with ADHD is never dull, and often a lot of fun!

The energy to pursue creative ideas AND try to fit into a world not designed for ADHD brains provides those with ADHD the opportunity to develop resilience, strength and self-awareness.

With the emotional intensity, enthusiasm, divergent thinking, innovation and resourcefulness of ADHD, a rich life of your own making is not just possible.

It’s waiting for you.